FLEXSTO – Flexible Stone Veneer

FLEXSTO – Flexible Stone Veneer

What is FLEXSTO made of?

FLEXSTO is made from naturally occurring slates and quartzite.

How is FLEXSTO made?

A thin veneer comes off from the stone slabs once the special adhesive is poured on top and fiber glass backing or fleece backing is pasted. Most of the work is done by hand. Only the ultra thin veneers are made on machines.

In what thicknesses is FLEXSTO available?

Fiber glass variety is 1.50 mm to 2.20 mm thick, while the fleece backed veneers are 0.50 mm to 0.80 mm thick. Ultra thin cloth backed veneers are >0.5mm.

What precautions should one take for installation and maintenance of composite quartz?

  • Never use POP (Plaster of Paris).
  • Ensure a sharp blade is used to cut the veneers for those fine joints you want.

How many colors are possible in FLEXSTO?

24 colours are regular in production. Since the veneers are made of slates and quartzite, whatever colours slates and quartzite come in are possible.

Where all can we use FLEXSTO?

Except floors, FLEXSTO can be used anywhere, interiors, exteriors, facades.

Is FLEXSTO fire proof?

FLEXSTO is fire resistant.

How flexible is FLEXSTO?

FLEXSTO can be pasted on curved surfaces, round pillars. The flexibility varies according to the colour. You can check the flexibility at our showroom.

What should one use to affix FLEXSTO?

Many resins and special adhesives are available. We recommend PUA 212 by MYK LATICRETE. IT is a two component modified Polyurethane adhesive.